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Adding Complex Data to Spark Stack

Neeraja Rentachintala explains how to leverage Apache Spark using Apache Drill.

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Find out more documentation from the open source community of Apache Spark.

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Watch Drill in Action

See how Apache Drill is used with the latest visualization tools to query multiple data sets. 

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Apache Spark vs MapReduce

Learn the basics of Apache Spark and how it is different from MapReduce.

Apache Spark Cheat Sheet

This Refcard covers everything from the introduction to setup and commonly used actions and operations.
Blog Post: The 5-Minute Guide to Understanding the Significance of Apache Spark

Learn the differences between Spark and MapReduce, why it's easier to develop on Spark, and the top five use cases.


Apache Drill: It's drilling to query JSON files from Tableau Desktop

Uli Bethke from the Hadoop User Group in Ireland explains how to query JSON from Tableau.

Free On-Demand Training on Apache Drill and Apache Spark

Learn more about Apache Drill and Apache Spark by joining one of our free on-demand courses. 


Test Drive Drill in AWS

Apache Drill Test Drive on AWS allows you to explore structured as well as semi-structured data and use existing visualization tools to refine and interpret the results. 
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