Additional Resources

Internet of Things - Big Data Outbreak

Jay Margalus shows you an awesome IoT project developed last year called "Big Data Outbreak".

Use Case: ComScore

Learn how ComScore processes over 1.7 trillion internet & mobile events every month using Hadoop.

Current Trends That Lead to Upside-down Internet

Watch Ted Dunning talk about how IoT and other current trends are turning the internet upside down.

Free eBook: Time Series Database - New Ways to Store and Access Data

This concise guide shows you effective ways to collect, persist, and access large-scale time series data for analysis. 

Blog Post: Internet of Things Arrives on the Basketball Court

Learn how the 94Fifty® Smart Sensor Basketball is helping kids improve their basketball game by providing instant feedback through a mobile app.


What is the Internet of Things and Why Does it Matter to Big Data?

Learn about the IoT challenges and opportunities, review real-world use cases and how people are benefiting from applying big data techniques.


Free Big Data and Hadoop On-Demand Training

Learn the essentials of Big Data and Hadoop with our free on-demand training.